Mindset Network is an award winning not-for-profit organisation set up in 2002 for the purpose of providing educational solutions for the formal education and health sectors. Since its inception, the organisation has grown in leaps and bounds having developed hundreds of hours of curriculum aligned content.

Mindset Learn

Mindset Learn provides resources for use by learners and teachers in the classroom as well as resources specifically for revision purposes.

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Mindset Teach

Mindset Teach focuses on documenting and sharing effective classroom practice through high quality narrative video thereby building teacher competence and confidence.

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Mindset Health

Mindset Health has developed content on a number pressing issues for the health sector. These include material on HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and child survival.The programme addresses the needs of health professionals, lay workers and the public.

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Mindset has strategic partnerships with the Departments of Education, Health, Communication and Science and Technology, and is supported by its lead founding partners Liberty Foundation and Standard Bank Foundation. Other founding partners include the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Multichoice Africa, Intelset, Sunday Times, Sentech and Telkom Foundation. Mindset has also enjoyed support and endorsement from a number of local and international donors including organisations such as the World Health Organisation, USAID and NEPAD. Mindset currently operates on a budget of approximately R50 million per annum, supported by a host of bilateral donor agencies, corporates, foundations, non-profits, trusts and government agencies that contribute to the development of educational content and enabling access for users. As a non-profit organisation, Mindset sources funding and in kind contributions to achieve in its strategic aim as a credible organisation and opinion leader in ICT’s in education.