Mindset Network’s success is partly the result of good governance and strategic partnerships – including partnerships with the public and private sectors.

To this end Mindset follows a corporate governance model which accommodates a Members’ Council, Board of Directors, two Financial Review Committees and a Strategic Steering Committee.

Independent, eminent individuals drawn from the educational, socio/political and corporate community serve on the Members’ Council and are selected to ensure the integrity of Mindset. The Members’ Council functions as a custodian of the core values of the company ensuring strong corporate governance.

The Board of Directors, which comprises representatives of the founding partners, serves to oversee Mindset Network’s efficiency in achieving its goals and objectives and to assist in the raising of donor and sponsorship funding.

In addition the two Financial Review Committees and Strategic Steering Committee are mandated to oversee accounting and auditing matters as well as executive remuneration and issues of strategy.