Mindset empowers communities through education by pioneering a network of thriving relationships to create centres of learning across Africa.


To function as a sustainable non-profit organisation aimed at the personal, social, cultural and economic development of all people in Africa through the creation, sourcing and delivery on a mass scale of quality and contextually relevant educational material through appropriate media to:

  • the primary and secondary educational community;
  • the health community.

Brand Values

Mindset Network is guided by a set of core principles and values.

  • Innovation – finding creative, cost effective solutions to African problems
  • Flexibility – responding to needs on the ground
  • Integrity – good governance, transparency and discipline
  • Accountability – to all stakeholders and by showing delivery
  • Passion – passionate about what we do
  • Diversity – internal diversity as well as content-specific diversity
  • Quality – educational quality and contextual relevancy