Mindset employs a variety of platforms to distribute is digital materials.


Mindset runs a group of television channels

Mindset Learn (DStv channel 319)

Through the generosity of Multichoice, Mindset has its own 24/7 channel on the DStv platform. Mindset Learn (channel 319) has a primarily focus on formal education with segments during the day for Early Childhood Development, Primary School, High School and Teacher Development.

Learn Xtra Live is the flagship show on the channel and is broadcast live from 4pm to 7pm Monday to Thursday for Grade Grade 10 - 12 Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Maths Literacy, Accounting and Business Studies (see more details).

The channel is packaged, scheduled and played out by Mindset from our offices in Randburg.

TOPlearn (TopTV channel 319)

The educational focus of TOPlearn is similar to that of Mindset Learn on DStv. It is also carried on channel 319 but does not air any live broadcasts. All live shows are broadcast as "recorded live".

The channel is packaged, scheduled and played out by Mindset.

Sentech VIVID

In partnership with Sentech, Mindset broadcasts Mindset Health and Mindset Learn video content into hospitals, clinics, schools and homes across South Africa on the Sentech VIVID platform. The channel broadcasts educational and informative programmes relating to health: HIV, TB, and Gender based violence as well as English, Mathematics, Sciences and Technology lessons. Installations of broadcast equipment to selected hospitals, schools and clinics is made possible through funder donations and is performed by Mindset.

Mindset Bouquet

Intelsat, as one of Mindset's Founding Partners, has provided satellite capacity on IS17. With this capacity, Mindset broadcasts a bouquet of digital satellite channels subscription free. These channels are available to schools, hospitals and clinics and other sites learning with all installations funded by donors and performed by Mindset.

Channels in this bouquet include

  1. Mindset Learn
  2. Mindset Teach
  3. Mindset Health
  4. Mindset Radio
  5. Mindset FET

Mindset has the capability of providing external clients with their own tailored and private digital satellite channels. Connect with us if you would like further details.


The Web

Mindset makes extensive use of the internet to make its content available.


Each Mindset programme has a dedicated website where all videos and supporting content is available for free view.

  1. Mindset Learn - www.mindset.co.za/learn
  2. Mindset Teach - still to be launched
  3. Mindset Health - www.mindset.co.za/health


Each Mindset programme also has its own Youtube channel enabling free viewing of content seamlessly across multiple devises.

  1. Mindset Learn - www.youtube.com/mindsetlearn
  2. Mindset Teach - www.youtube.com/mindsetteach
  3. Mindset Health - www.youtube.com/mindsethealth

Mindset Network also has a Youtube channel at www.youtube.com/mindsetnetwork.

DVDs and Books

Most Mindset Learn and Mindset Teach content is available on DVD and as books. These products can be purchased directly from Mindset through the Mindset Shop. View the full catalogue.