Past Exam Papers

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The exam papers section contains thousands of past exam papers in a range of subjects and languages.

To access the exam papers, just click on the Exam Papers link in the top menu.

Exam papers link

You can filter the list of exam papers shown by selecting options from any or all of the available lists and then clicking on the Search button.

The options available include: 

  • Subject - select the subject you are interested in
  • Grade - select the grade for which you want exam papers
  • Language - you will see that we have exam papers in a range of different languages
  • Year - we have exam papers from 2001 to 2008 and the list keeps growing!

Once the list of exam papers matching your criteria is generated, you can further refine your selection by using the lists at the top of each column of the results.

 Exam papers filters

  • The first list allows you to choose whether you want to see actual exam papers or model answers.
  • The second list lets you filter for a specific language.
  • The third list lets you filter for a specific year.

Once you have found the paper you are looking for, just click on the paper's title to open it. Note that most links will redirect you to one of the South African Department of Education websites so do not be alarmed if your browser suddenly contains a strange address.

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