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Hola Friends! Hello and welcome.

We are thrilled to be starting a new school year as it brings with it hope and optimism: the chance to start fresh in a new grade or the opportunity to re-write an exam to follow your dreams. We know that there will be challenges along the way; but together we can achieve the success you dreamed of.

We would love to hear from you and for you to share your back to school photos with us. Send us selfies if you are new to Mindset Learn Xtra or send us pics of you and your school friends. Made a new friend at school ? Share it with us.

Check out ‘learnxtra’ on facebook for details. (Facebook.com/learnxtra).

hola friends
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Introducing the

Mindsetter of the Month

Name: Ramovha Mukovhe Shadrack

Just a 21th Century boy who respect everyone and their ideas, someone who treat other people in a fair manner, kind and humbled. I attend school at Amaria Combined School in grade 11 and I am 15 Turning 16 years old.

"Even the strongest chain have a weaker point"

freddy Mabule

I just want to take this moment to personally thank you for being there for learners throughout the year. I think you guys deserve some of the credit for the 78.2% pass rate. Dankie!


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