Mindset Health encourages the use of technology to support health workers in their daily environments.

Mindset Health – uplifting health education.

Mindset Health targets Health Care Providers (HCPs), health workers and the general public by sourcing, creating and delivering educational content in video, print and interactive multimedia formats.

The Content

Mindset Health has two content offerings, each aimed at specific audiences.

Health Care Professionals

Content targeted towards HCPs - from lay counselors to professional nurses. We have an HIV and AIDS curriculum for adults and children, content on Infection Prevention and Control, numerous national and international conference presentations, documentaries and magazine shows.

Patients and the public

Content aimed at patients and people who attend public clinics and hospitals or who access Mindset content in the waiting areas. The videos consist of dramas, documentaries, interviews and discussions as well as public service announcements covering a wide range such as multiple concurrent partnerships, prevention of mother-to-child-transmission and infection prevention and control.

All content produced is aligned to the South African National Department of Health’s policies and guidelines. This is to ensure that the content is not only accurate and up-to-date, but also relevant to the South African context and circumstances.

Professional Development

Mindset Health, supported by the Department of Health and the Foundation for Professional Development, has developed a course on The Fundamental Management of HIV and AIDS for health care providers and health workers.

The course:

  1. Aligns with the National Department of Health’s guidelines for HIV and AIDS management as well as the principles for Outcomes-based education (OBE) and e-education of the National Department of Education
  2. Is integrated into pre-service education at nursing schools and is used for continuous professional development in health service establishments
  3. Is delivered via an electronic learner management system (LMS) which will assist learners from initial registration to final certification.
  4. Is recognised by the South African Qualifications Authority.


Outreach is an innovative programme designed to aid Health Workers, including Health Promoters, Lay Counselors, Community Health Workers and Peer Educators.

The Outreach programme:

  • Provides training in facilitating the Mindset Health Channel video content during formal and informal training discussions.
  • Focuses on in-clinic facilitation as well as facilitation in other community settings.
  • Is used by health care workers as a means to catalyze a discussion around a specific topic or issue.
  • Can be a stand-alone programme or integrated into existing training interventions.
  • Contains content sourced from various organisations covering Treatment Literacy, Gender and other Health related areas.

Get involved

Mindset offers corporate social investment opportunities in the following areas:

  • Distribution or development of educational material
  • Equipment installation at educational sites
  • Training programmes in the use and integration of equipment at educational sites
  • Research to assess impact on communities receiving Mindset Health content and services