Mindset Learn supports teachers and learners in accessing and delivering the curriculum.

Mindset Learn - supporting quality education

Mindset Learn supports learners and teachers in formal schooling with a focus on Grades 10, 11 and 12 and the Maths, Science and Economic cluster of subjects. All content is produced to the highest educational and production standards and is aligned with the Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS). Content is mostly in video format but is supported by PDF notes and other computer based interactive resources.

Content has been provided directly to thousands of schools and individuals via DVDs, Video-on-Demand and Mindset free-to-air broadcast. Mindset Learn is also available to 3.5 million homes in Africa via DStv and TopTV. All Mindset Learn content is available for free view at www.mindset.co.za/learn and www.youtube.com/mindsetlearn.

Learn produces two broad categories of content:

Classroom resources - Learn

As the name suggests, these resources are designed to be used by teachers and learners in the context of formal learning environments. Videos are carefully scaffolded to teach concepts “from the ground up” and every effort is made to take learners outside the confines of the classroom by showing experiments, demonstrations and real life applications of the concepts at hand.

Classroom resources are currently available for:

  • Grade 4,5,10,11,12 Mathematics
  • Grade 4,5 Natural Sciences and Technology
  • Grade 10, 11, 12 Physical Sciences
  • Grade 10,11, 12 Mathematical Literacy
  • Grade 10, 11, 12 English First Additional Language
  • Grade 10, 11, 12 Information Technology
  • Grade 9 Financial Literacy (part of Economic Management Sciences)

Most resources are available for free view at www.mindset.co.za/learn and www.youtube.com/mindsetlearn.

Revision resources - Learn Xtra

A full set of revision resources is also available, collectively known as Learn Xtra. Like Classroom Resources these are produced to the highest educational and production standards and are also fully aligned to the CAPS and are mostly in video format with supporting PDF notes.

Unlike Classroom Resources, however, these resources do not always teach concepts “from the ground up” but rather focus on providing overviews and summaries of the most difficult and important sections. They also focus on the application of these concepts and offer numerous opportunities for exam practice.

The Learn Xtra sub-programme consists of

Learn Xtra Lessons

These are pre-recorded video lessons with supporting PDF notes covering all the essential aspects of the curriculum and providing numerous exam grade worked examples. Content is currently available for:

  • Grade 10, 11, 12 Mathematics
  • Grade 10, 11, 12 Physical Sciences
  • Grade 10, 11, 12 Life Sciences
  • Grade 10, 11, 12 Maths Literacy
  • Grade 12 Accounting
  • Grade 12 Geography

Learn Xtra Live

These are a series of 30 live television shows broadcast Monday to Thursday during term time throughout the year on Mindset Learn (DStv 319) for:

  • Grade 10, 11, 12 Mathematics - Mondays
  • Grade 10, 11, 12 Physical Sciences - Tuesdays
  • Grade 10, 11, 12 Life Sciences - Wednesdays
  • Grade 10, 11, 12 Maths Literacy - Thursdays
  • Grade 12 Accounting - Thursdays
  • Grade 12 Business Studies - Thursdays

These broadcasts follow both the sequence and the pacing of the CAPS and so are a perfect support to classroom instruction. Each live show is supported by a Show Note available for free download from www.learnxtra.co.za/live before each show and all past shows are uploaded to Youtube with links posted on this page.

Social media platforms like Facebook (www.facebook.com/learnxtra) are used to provide learners with powerful interactivity with the shows where they can ask their own questions and seek clarification as required. Every effort is made to introduce as much practical learning into these live lessons as possible by performing experiments and demonstrations in studio and using a range of electronic teaching aids via the studio interactive whiteboard.

Learn Xtra Exam Revision

Exam revision consists of a series of campaigns presented throughout the year. Each campaign consists of live and pre-recorded exam revision lessons. Here the focus is explicitly on working through past exam papers and providing learners opportunities to ask for help with particularly troublesome questions. In all cases, supporting PDF Learner Guides are available for free download from the campaign page on the Mindset Learn website as well as being available as A5 printed booklets.

  • Supplementary School in February/March supports those learners re-writing their final exams
  • Easter School is presented for Grade 12’s during the term 1 holiday
  • Winter School is presented for Grade 11 and 12’s during the mid year holiday
  • Spring School, during the September/October break helps Grade 12’s with final exam preparation
  • Exam School supports Grade 10, 11, and 12’s before and during the final exam season
  • As for Learn Xtra Live, interaction with all live exam revision shows is provided through social media.
  • Learn Xtra Help Desk - This is a free service offered via Facebook, Mxit, email and web. All questions submitted are responded to within 48 hours and the best questions are added to a growing Frequently Asked Questions board.

Get involved

If you would like to get involved and help Mindset Learn produce and distribute top quality learning materials to teachers and learners, connect with us.

Specific opportunities currently available include:

  1. Sponsorship of Winter School
  2. Sponsorship of Spring School
  3. Sponsorship of Exam School
  4. Sponsorship of Learn Xtra Live
  5. Teacher presenters - we are always on the look out for talented and exciting new teachers
  6. Content developers - join the growing network of experienced content developers