Mindset Teach seeks to provide teacher development support that is cost effective, holistic and scalable.

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The case for high quality teacher development in South Africa is clear

  1. Education outcomes in SA are very poor
  2. The majority of teachers are demoralised.
  3. Most current teachers received their education and training under Apartheid
  4. There is generally poor content and pedagogical knowledge.
  5. Many schools and teachers are poorly managed.
  6. The profession is not attracting enough quality entrants.

A McKinsey & Company report entitled How the world’s best performing school systems come out on top isolates the following:

  1. The quality of an education system cannot exceed the quality of its teachers

  2. The only way to improve outcomes is to improve instruction

  3. The only way for the system to reach the highest performance is to raise the standard of every student

Thus Mindset Teach focuses on

  • Sharing effective classroom practice and school improvement strategies using high quality narrative video
  • “Re-professionalising” the profession and rebuilding the esteem of teachers by treating them like professionals and valued members of society

Mindset Teach operates from the following key principles

  1. Teacher development needs to be activated not delivered - it is something done WITH and not TO teachers
  2. Teachers need to be given good reasons to develop and change and these are often as unique as teachers
  3. Teachers need safe spaces to confess their difficulties
  4. Teacher development is a heart and mind exercise

As such, all teacher development videos produced by Mindset Teach

  1. Show authentic practice - real teachers in real classrooms
  2. Aim to change habits rather than just knowledge
  3. Promote reflective learning and mentoring
  4. Support Professional Learning Communities and peer to peer networks
  5. Use broadcast television production standards
  6. Are 15 minutes or shorter - “coffee break” format

Videos are distributed via broadcast on Mindset Learn (DStv 319), TopLearn (TopTV 319) ans Mindset free-to-air, Video-on-demand, DVDs and www.youtube.com/mindsetteach.

Most videos are supported by PDF Lesson Plans.

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